Programs - Aie Serve
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Through this project, we aim to tackle the accentuated challenges the youth are facing by assisting them to sustain themselves and their families while helping them go through this period while maintaining their mental well-being.

We aim at tackling the accentuated challenges the youth are facing by assisting them in having livelihood to sustain themselves and their families, whether by helping youth get trained, connecting startups with funders, or securing a job.

 The clubs are a projection of Aie Serve’s vision, mission, philosophy, and way of work. Aie Serve empowers the youth in those clubs to become positive agents of change for the improvement of their communities.


It’s all about providing the youth with the needed soft skills, thus following Aie Serve’s mission in youth empowerment with the tools they need to develop themselves at first and their society afterwards.

This youth exchange initiative targets Aie Serve & Aie Club members to further motivate them, provide them with opportunities for training and traveling and enabling them to meet new people and widen their professional network.