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Youth Wellbeing Initiative


Mental health in Lebanon, being a topic of discussion highlighted today more than before, represents a sign of increased awareness and a need that has not been fully met. Since the end of 2019, three significant events occurred in Lebanon, leaving the Lebanese, especially the youth, in an overwhelming situation: The political and economic crisis, the covid19 pandemic, Beirut Blast on the  4th of August 2020. The overall mental and physical health is affected, leaving the Lebanese especially the youth in some financial and social situations unable to seek professional support. The main highlighted feeling: sense of insecurity, fear and anxiety of death & illness, trauma, feeling of loneliness. Experts and activists felt the urge to do something; NGOs were actively responding to this need whether it was their scope of work or not. Many initiatives were launched during this period, like a collaboration of psychologists to give affordable or accessible sessions, online campaigns to raise awareness, seminars, workshops spreading awareness and/or teaching coping skills…etc. Meanwhile, finding credible information, the accessibility to professional support during lockdown and trustable professionals is still a big challenge.

In times of crisis, we look back to reconsider the current needs of the people. Development on both the social and personal levels belongs to Maslow’s pyramid’s middle and upper parts. In contrast, the physical and mental well-being belong to the physiological and safety needs, the first two basic needs. This pyramid explains that fulfilling human needs requires a particular order starting from the basis of the pyramid.

Lebanon is passing through a transitional period, where the economic, social, and political will undoubtedly affect everyone, especially the youth. We believe that we should adapt to this change in a healthy way to take the lead in building up this country.

Youth wellbeing is a topic to be targeted today since it is a common ground between all the youth across the country, be it, physical or mental, it certainly affects how they act toward serving the community and finding solutions to our problems. The motives to work and be socially engaged have been lowered by the depression and anxiety the majority of people are going through.



The purpose of this intervention is to empower youth to have better well-being.

Through our project, we aim to tackle the accentuated challenges the youth are facing by assisting them to sustain themselves and their families while helping them go through this period while maintaining their mental well-being and avoiding undesirable bad consequences the situation can have on youth like addiction, suicide and/or extremism.



 Increase awareness about the importance of wellbeing to youth and the available services in the community

  • Refer and facilitate access to trusted, accessible, and professional support
  • Train youth on valuable skills and tools to enhance their wellbeing
  • Help build a network of support for youth


Theory of Change

If we can reach youth who require support in their wellbeing;

And we can connect the youth with trusted community partners, experts, and trainers who can provide healthy being-related services;

Then, we can enhance the wellbeing of youth in Lebanon, avoiding potential detrimental effects like drug addiction, suicide, depressions, and violence.