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Aie Clubs

About Aie Serve Clubs

The Aie Clubs program aims at gathering groups of youth to implement projects that spread the values of respect, acceptance and love through empowering youth to become positive agents of change in their local communities.


These clubs work on three pillars: Community Service, Community Development, and Community Awareness

  • Aie Serve’s Clubs are development, service and awareness clubs.
  • The clubs organize projects and activities to meet the unique needs of their campus or communities.
  • Clubs’ members choose their club’s projects, activities, events and fundraisers.


Our Approach

You can join our program through 3 different approaches

  • Join an existing Aie Club: Become a member of an established Aie Club in your region or university. 
  • Establish New Aie Clubs: This is open for all youth committed to serve their community and take responsibility in initiating and leading a new Aie Club. 
  • Partner with Affiliate Clubs: Affiliate clubs in universities, communities and NGOs are invited to reach us out for a possible collaboration.


The Cornerstone

For youth, who wish to engage with us in Aie Serve whether to join a club, establish a club or have their existing club/NGO partner with us, the below will be the cornerstone of our work together:

  • Agreeing on Aie Serve values of respect, acceptance and love.
  • Being non-political, non-religious, non-partisan organizations/groups/clubs.
  • Not engaging in political or religious projects or events that can create tensions, hate speech, discrimination or biases towards any citizen.
  • Publicly announcing the type of engagement with Aie Serve (Aie Club or Affiliate) 
  • Keeping contacts of club cabinets and members up to date and sharing them with Aie Serve to ensure that we know how many we are reaching out to and to know who is a member of the network.
  • Be active in their community, as a club, in one or more of the following: Community Service, Community Awareness and Community Development.


Aie Clubs Goals

  • Implement social, environmental and community service projects and awareness campaigns
  • Promote volunteerism, critical thinking and professionalism
  • Empower youth to have a bigger role in their community
  • Collaborate with other clubs or organizations with similar objectives
  • Conduct training workshops on 21st century skills, technical skills and topics of interest to their community.


Work Philosophy

  • Horizontal: Everyone should have the chance to decide on what is to be done and how to do it.
  • Transparent: All information is circulated to the team members, nothing is kept hidden. Budgets & procedures are accessible by all those who request them.
  • Position: Positions and titles give members the responsibility to accomplish tasks; Not the authority to boss others around.


Benefits for Aie Clubs Members

  • Belonging: Sense of belonging to a Lebanese youth led non-political, non-religious, equal opportunity organization that believes in the values of respect, acceptance and love.
  • Empowerment: Empowerment by Aie Serve to build knowledge, skills and experience in leading teams, managing organizations and meetings, preparing project plans, organizing events, doing fundraisings, team work, partnership building, social media management among others.
  • Safe Space: A space to feel safe and engage with like-minded youth without the fear of judgment, biases or mistreatment.
  • Platform for Change: A platform to impact the community positively whether through community service, awareness or development.
  • Opportunities: Access to training, capacity building, exchange, economic empowerment, career, educational and wellbeing opportunities that are either done by Aie Serve or shared through it.


How does an Aie Club function?
The clubs’ founders are trained by Aie Serve and other professional trainers to give them the needed tools and skills to better serve their community. Then, a person is assigned as a liaison to follow up with the club and communicate their needs, ideas, and concerns back to Aie Serve. From then on, the sky is the limit in the projects that you can think of and conduct.


What does, and what doesn’t an Aie Club do?
The clubs have total freedom in choosing their activities, which can fall under any of the three types: community development, community awareness and community service. On the other hand, we recognize that politics and religion are a part of our daily lives, but partisan projects, ideas, and campaigns are better discussed outside of an Aie Club.


Who are the Aie Clubs members?
An Aie Club is made up of university students on the same campus, neighbors residing in the same area, and any group of different people with the same interests.


Current Aie Clubs: (Active & In-Active)

Community Based:

  • Beirut AieClub
  • Beqaa AieClub
  • Saida AieClub
  • Tripoli AieClub


University Based:

  • AUB Aie Club (American University of Beirut)
  • Balamand Aie Club (Balamand University – Ashrafieh Campus)
  • BAU – Dibeye Aie Club (Beirut Arab University – Dibeye Campus)
  • LAU Aie Club (Lebanese American University – Beirut Campus)
  • NDU – Chouf Aie Club (Notre Dame University – Dier El Kamar Campus)
  • NDU – Zouk Aie Club ((Notre Dame University – Zouk Campus)


How to apply

If you are interested in: 

  1. Joining an Aie Club
  2. Establishing an Aie Club
  3. Building a partnership as an affiliate club


Kindly fill the following form: Join/Establish an Aie Club and our team will get in touch with you.

You are welcome to send us all your inquiries on