Aie Skills - Aie Serve
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Aie Skills

This is the training arm of the NGO. It’s all about providing youth with the needed soft skills, thus following Aie Serve’s mission in youth empowerment with the tools they need to develop themselves at first and their society afterwards.

How do we do that?

• Public Workshops on soft skills covering different topics. These workshops are two hours long and held twice a month, thus reaching an average of more than 15 workshops a year, each with a different topic!

• Advanced Trainings about some specific topics, where we go in depth about such topics for one full day or even a two days camp!

• The Training of Trainers (ToT) that certifies around 10 new trainers every year so as to be able to deliver our trainings.

• Club Initiation Management training for Aie Serve University Clubs.

Covered Topics

• Public Speaking

• Time Management

• Project Management

• Presentation Skills

• Leadership

• Emotional Intelligence

• Conflict Resolution

• Fundraising

• Stress Management

• Decision Making

• Body Language