Aie Exchange

Aie Exchange is one of our newest programs. This youth exchange initiative targets Aie Serve & Aie Club members to further motivate them,
provide them with opportunities for training and traveling and enabling them to meet new people and widen their professional network.

The program includes 2 tracks:

• Volunteering Abroad: This mostly includes European Voluntary Service (EvS) opportunities which includes exchanges that extend between
3 months to a year whereby Aie Serve sends volunteers to European countries to volunteer with an NGO there.

• Training & Cultural Activities Abroad: This will consist of cultural and training activities taking place in countries around the globe for short periods
(up to 2 weeks usually). This includes opportunities by Erasmus+, Safar Fund (Arab Countries), BelaVikasa (India) among others. The skills acquired
throughout these exchanges are then replicated in Lebanon through national trainings.”



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