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Aie Serve’s SDG Streamlining Initiative for Youth NGOs

Aie Serve’s SDG Streamlining Initiative for Youth NGOs

There are substantial opportunities for Youth NGOs in Lebanon to better align their work with Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. Undertaking local initiatives whilst being part of the global action for development and humanitarian solutions towards the year 2030 ensures NGOs remain connected with developments worldwide.This enables more effective monitoring and reporting, both nationally and internationally, as well as significant opportunities to mobilise public grants for Youth NGO programmes. Utilising either or both global and local institutional funding, not forgetting opportunities from the private sector and high-net worth individuals, means local initiatives can flourish, positively impacting communities, the country, the region
and the planet.

Aie Serve has partnered with Flash Forward Program by Fast Forward 2030-Lebanon toward the cost of the SDG Streamlining for Youth NGOs & Clubs Project.

As a youth empowerment NGO, our main purpose of this initiative is to empower youth and youth-led NGOs, Clubs, Hubs, Committees (entities hereafter) across Lebanon to better align what they do with the SDGs and utilize the SDG Framework to make stronger, more meaningful and more measurable impact that can be reported not only at the local level, but also that regional and global level. We broke it down into 5 objectives:

  1. Transform Aie Serve to be more SDG-Centric
  2. Develop SDGs Streamlining Guide for Youth-Led NGOs
  3. Train up to 10 youth (aged 18 – 30) who have some prior training or facilitation experience to be trained on the guide and support Aie Serve in coaching 5 youth led NGOs as a pilot project.
  4. Support up to 5 youth-led entities to become SDG-Centric with the support of the youth trainers.
  5. Promote the whole experience, the guide and the team of qualified trainers to open up potential training and consulting opportunities for them.

The activities took place between November 2021 and February 2022. During which Aie Serve engaged a pool of 10 Youth Facilitators to support the 5 Youth NGOs based on an SDG Streamlining Guide that was developed through a collaboration with a regional professional services firm called RPS MENA.

As part of our objectives from the program, we wish to share the guide with the community at large for more NGOs and youth organizations from it and thus we developed in in both English and Arabic.

You can download the SDG Streamlining Guide here in English and Arabic.